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Home Remodeling Indianapolis Indiana

Home Remodeler Indianapolis


home remodelers indianapolis


Home Remodeling Indianapolis

“Cause we likes what we do and we do what we likes” – Paul Hires

Indianapolis remodeling contractors – Paul’s remodeling is an Indianapolis-based full service remodeling company. Established in 1977 by Paul Hires, the company offers a suite of services designed specifically to ensure a stress-free, cost effective and on-schedule home and office remodeling.

Home remodeling and renovating your property is a long term investment that will play a part in you and your family’s lives for years and decades to come. As such, it is imperative to have steady, experienced and talented home remodeling companies to guide you in the process to ensure the practicality, aesthetics, functionality and cost of the project is given its due consideration. In addition, your home remodeling contractors should also be on top of all and any arising regulatory requirements. The award-winning Paul’s Remodeling Indianapolis’ glittering 37-year presence in the industry makes us the perfect home remodeling contractor for both homes and offices.

Our team of experts will charm and impress you with our professional, efficient and budget-oriented approach. We have a seamless yet flexible process that will take you from the hastily-drawn plans on a paper napkin down to the final brick on the wall. But please don’t blame us if you get the urge to buy a second property just to get us to remodel it as well!

Paul’s Remodeling Indianapolis provides an extensive range of services that includes:


From basic home repairs to large-scale home remodeling, our firm transforms your vision into reality. We have a broad remodeling portfolio featuring bedroom additions, sunroom additions, drywall installation, skylight installation and roofing installations. If you’re looking for a deck builder to jazz up the outdoors or extend your balcony, or even a new patio, you can always rely on us for quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices.


Ask any home property expert, and they will tell you that kitchens sell houses. Ask any family members, and they will tell you their lives revolve around the kitchen. Is it any wonder then why so many kitchens are undergoing remodeling? But folks, there is remodeling, and there is Paul’s remodeling. We understand the psychological role that kitchens play, and thus, we endeavor to include a certain measure of warmth and earthiness in our designs. The best part is, despite the obvious advantages of our work compared to most other Indianapolis kitchen remodeling firms, our kitchen renovation cost is among the most competitive in the state.


Bathrooms are our oasis from the stress and pressure of modern life. This is why our designs are focused towards creating a sense of tranquility and exclusiveness, augmented by clean lines and an illusion of spaciousness. Our choice of bathtubs, sinks, showers, cabinets, counter tops and tiles all scream luxury – at an affordable price.

We take great pride in our bathroom remodeling, although unsurprisingly, our customers tend to like them even more. There is indeed a good and deserved reason why we are the premier Indianapolis bathroom remodeling company.

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Far too often, basements become the home of the things we’ve forgotten, while serving as a habitat for spiders, ants and some say (at least according to Hollywood), ghosts. It is time to take the plunge and convert your dark and dreary basement into a home theatre room, home gym, wine cellar, or perhaps, a home office! Whatever your decision, you can count on us to make your dreams come true!


What’s the quickest way to take the shine of your new car? Leave it under the weather.
What’s the easiest way to give your car the morning hiccups? Leave it out in the cold.
What’s the most effective way to get your new car audio system stolen? Leave it in the driveway.

While some will scoff at the mention of souls for cars, using that thing call science to make their point, we know better, don’t we? Like every living thing, cars need love and attention. And what better way to show you care than by giving them a home? With a little garage remodeling, you can build a stronger bond with your car. If anyone asks, just say that well looked-after vehicles have higher resale value.


Unlike some other firms, we do not specialize in either home or office remodeling; instead, we specialize in both. With Paul’s Remodeling Indianapolis, you will be served by a company that is equally at ease at homes and businesses. From conference rooms to cubicles to receptions, we’ve got you covered.


Remember when we described ourselves as a full service home remodeling company? We meant it. Rather than leave you struggling to find a plumber, painter and electrician, Paul’s provide in-house electrical services, painting and plumbing services. This is how we are able to successfully and efficiently manage all of our projects without a single client losing their hair.

Call us today at (317) 653-4356 for a free consultation.

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